Harry Styles Showed Niall Horan Songs From HS2 & One Direction Fans Are Stanning

23 October 2019, 16:57

Niall Horan has admitted he loves Harry Styles' new music.
Niall Horan has admitted he loves Harry Styles' new music. Picture: Getty

Niall Horan admitted Harry Styles showed him unheard songs from his new album and he loves it.

Harry Styles has showed Niall Horan unheard songs from his new album, and the ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ singer admitted he loves them.

During an interview at the 2019 BMI Awards, Niall reportedly admitted that he is yet to hear the whole album, but loves what he has heard so far.

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He said: “I’ve heard bits of Harry’s album, it’s good. It’s really good. We have always been on a cycle of doing the album throughout the year and then bringing out a single in September, October and then the album out at the end of the year.

“I don’t think any of us [One Direction members] have got off it. It’s something we never really thought about. It turns out we’ve released at the same time.”

Harry, who recently dropped ‘Lights Up’, isn’t the only one with new music as his band members; Niall, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik have also been working on new material.

The 25-year-old Irish singer, who has recently shut down rumours that he’s dating Selena Gomez, joined The Capital Evening Show with Jimmy Hill and admitted this is the most excited he’s ever been about releasing music, as he revealed NH2 is nearly ready.

Liam, who has recently opened up about his relationship with Cheryl, sent fans into a frenzy after teasing the release of his debut album on Twitter, with the speculation that the rest of his album is on its way.

Music News Facts tweeted, saying: “Liam Payne will release his debut album, ‘LP1’ on December 6th according to various retailers.”

Louis dropped a teaser on social media, after sharing a number of cryptic cut-off pictures, saying: “Got something hiding around online for you… here’s a head start.”

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Trampoline 🎶 @shaedband

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Zayn has appeared on two songs recently after announcing ‘Trampoline’ with pop trio Shaed and ‘Rumours’ with Sabrina Claudio.

1D fans are already excited to hear even more music from the boys, and it seems they’re equally happy to share it with each other – we are so here for it!

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