Niall Horan Says 'It's Time' As Fans Crash His Website In Run Up To New Music

26 September 2019, 10:58

Niall Horan tells fans 'it's time' as he gears up to drop music
Niall Horan tells fans 'it's time' as he gears up to drop music. Picture: Official Press Image

Niall Horan's new music is coming, having switched the aesthetic of his website and teased fans with the new

Niall Horan has officially kicked off his new era in his run up to new music and got fans all kinds of exciting by telling them 'it's time', and fans crashed his website rushing to catch a glimpse of what he was announcing.

Tweeting the cryptic clue along with a photo of him playing the guitar and a link through to his website- he revealed his brand new era 'look' and fans were beside themselves with excitement.

Niall Horan Says His Heart Was ‘Collapsing’ During Split From Hailee Steinfeld On New Album

Letting fans know that "yet again you’ve crashed the site", they asked Niall what they expected- as they've had to wait two whole years for new music from their fave, and now, the first single from his second album is coming very, very soon.

A fan replied, "Did you expect something else? You know we are die hards" and another said "You can’t blame us, it’s been so long since you dropped something we got too excited."

However, the 26-year-old is all to aware of how long it's been and has tweeted non-stop about how excited he is to release new music and head out on the road to tour, writing:

"I couldn’t be more excited to get back releasing music and performing live if I tried. Nearly 2 years since I released something of my own."

He's also hinted about what we can expect from his second album, revealing the first single is titled 'Nice To Know Ya' and that the record will feature a track that delves into some serious heartbreak after his split from Hailee Steinfeld in late 2018, titled ' ‘Put A Little Love On Me’.

Well, one thing is for sure, we're ready, the fans are ready, and Niall is very ready for this new music drop- so what is he waiting for?!

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