Harry Styles Stores His Clothes In A Cryogenic Vault Guarded By 24-Hour Security

21 October 2019, 12:13 | Updated: 21 October 2019, 15:45

Harry wants his iconic suits to live forever.
Harry wants his iconic suits to live forever. Picture: PA

Harry Styles stores his clothes in a cryogenic vault and we wish we were that extra.

Harry Styles has worn some pretty iconic outfits in his time. So it’s perfectly understandable that he keeps his favourite pieces in a cryogenic vault guarded by 24-hour security, right?

The ‘Lights Up’ singer’s designer, Harris Reed, told GQ the vault is ‘like a giant refrigerator’ and includes suits that were worn on Harry’s first solo tour.

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He said: “I can't say where it is located, but everything goes to an archive.

“It's basically like a giant refrigerator – a frozen vault – somewhere in London where I am not going to disclose.

“But the clothes all have 24 hours surveillance, which you can look at via an iPad, specifically done for his outfits, and they have all been cryogenically frozen in time to preserve them.

“That's also what is more surreal for me. After his first solo tour that I produced 14-15 looks for – he wore about six or seven – I was wondering where the others were and he was like, 'Don't worry, they are all under surveillance.' I was like, 'Oh, that's chic'.”

Harry recently made his big return to the music scene with his sultry new single ’Lights Up’.

Fans were quick to notice the track was dropped on National Coming Out Day and dubbed it a ‘bisexual anthem’.

The lyrics include the line: “Do you know who you are?” and the steamy video is being applauded for its sexual ambiguity. In it, Haz can be seen dancing seductively with both men and women, and serving some seriously glittery, feminine looks.

We wonder if they’ll make it in to the vault...

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