Halsey Is The Biggest Harry Styles Stan Ever & Fans Found Photos To Prove It

14 November 2019, 12:25

Halsey is a huge fan of Harry Styles
Halsey is a huge fan of Harry Styles. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Halsey has proven to be Harry Styles’ biggest fan and we are so here for it.

Halsey has joined us in being the biggest Harry Styles Stan ever, with a collection of memorabilia proving her love for singer.

The ‘Graveyard’ singer has proven time and time again she is in full support of the ‘Lights Up' hitmaker and fans are relating to her on another level.

The 25-year-old hitmaker most recently showed her love for the One Direction star after Harry announced his European and American tour dates (yes, we’re still screaming about it!).

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She then tweeted: “Harry Styles on tour during my birthday? Yep!” and fans had the best response to her reaction.

One said: “wanna see u go thru everything we go thru at your concerts you better go and get barricade [sic].”

“U want to join our group chat hun? We’re all collectively screaming,” added another.

Old photos of Halsey later emerged showing her sporting Haz's merch and all of a sudden the singer has never felt so relatable.

One picture shows the singer holding up a 1D t-shirt with the ‘Sign Of The Times’ star's face on it, while another is a mirror snap of Halsey holding a poster of young Haz.

The photos were released on social media by a fan, who also claims a selfie, which doesn’t show the star’s face, is also Halsey wearing a ‘Future Mrs Styles’ t-shirt.

In the run up to the release of his new album, ‘Fine Line’, Harry was plastering teaser posters all over the world and the ‘Eastside’ singer joined in the hype, tweeting: “Me online: Cool ™/ Me in my group text: omg Harry is doing a thing,” and what’s more – Harry liked it!

Fans obviously have known about Halsey's level of fangirl for a while, as she liked a tweet in August stating her and Harry were ‘twinning’ with their Rolling Stone magazine covers.

Unsurprisingly, this has now led to both fandoms wanting a collaboration, with one writing: “Collab bisexual queen and king.”

We are patiently waiting for this to be put into effect!

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