Harry Styles Is Covering The World In Teaser Posters For New Music ‘Do You Know Who You Are’

10 October 2019, 15:41 | Updated: 10 October 2019, 15:52

Fans have spotted billboards in London, LA and Australia.
Fans have spotted billboards in London, LA and Australia. . Picture: Twitter/Getty

Harry Styles has left fans crazy after posters teasing his new music, ‘Do You Know Who You Are’ have been spotted all over the world.

Harry Styles has left fans in a state of excitement and confusion after teaser posters for his new music, ‘Do You Know Who You Are’ have been plastered all over the world.

Fans have been spotting the Columbia Record posters and sharing them on Twitter, to help promote the new music.

Harry Styles Tweets ‘Do’ & Fans Spot Posters Around LA With Possible Album Title

The One Direction singer, AKA the absolute babe who recently paid for everyone's bar tab, sent his fandom into meltdown recently after tweeting: “Do,” leaving fans to brainstorm multiple theories as to what it could mean, before the prints were spotted all over the world, hinting at new material from Haz.

Unsurprisingly, Directioners were able to uncover the clues, as the billboards simply read: “Do You Know Who You Are,” without any mention of the ‘Sign of the Times hitmaker.

However, they spotted his signature merch logo, ‘TPWK’ underneath, meaning ‘Treat People With Kindness’, which the 25-year-old has been known to be associated with over the years.

If that wasn’t enough to unravel what he was planning, fans also noticed that he liked Halsey’s tweet: “Me online: Cool ™ / Me in my group text: omg Harry is doing a thing.”

If that isn’t confirmation, then I don’t know what is!

So far, the teasers have been spotted in London, Tokyo, LA, New York and Australia.

Harry Styles likes Halsey's tweet about new music
Harry Styles likes Halsey's tweet about new music. Picture: Twitter

Fans have been circulating some more theories of when the new music will be dropping, with one saying, “If Harry tweets a word of ‘do you know who you are?’ every week, the last word would be tweeted on November 9th, so we’re getting a song from hs2 November 9th. Mathematics luv.”

“If he drops HS2 on Oct 11 on National Coming Out Day and with this ‘Do you know who you are’ as the title or whatever it is for, isn’t like it’s too weird to be a coincidence like ‘do you know who you are’??? To people who are still struggling to embrace their sexuality?? Like??” another added.

I think it’s safe to say HS2 is on its way… be ready!

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