Harry Styles Tweets ‘Do’ & Fans Spot Posters Around LA With Possible Album Title

7 October 2019, 13:00 | Updated: 9 October 2019, 13:46

Harry Styles confuses fans with cryptic 'Do' tweet
Harry Styles confuses fans with cryptic 'Do' tweet. Picture: Getty/Twitter

All the fan theories behind the meaning of Harry Styles’ cryptic tweet, ‘Do’ as fans start to spot 'Do You Know Who You Are' posters around LA.

Harry Styles fans have spotted billboards that say 'Do You Know Who You Are' with the stamp of his record label, Columbia, on them- and they're pretty sure it's the title of the singer's second album.

He sent fans into a craze after breaking his almost month-long Twitter silence, with the word: ‘Do’, and now everyone is trying to unravel the meaning behind what it could be, but now these posters have been spotted, it's all becoming a little clearer.

Harry Styles Is Literally The Politest Pop Star Ever Whilst Meeting A Fan In Miami

At the bottom of the poster was 'TPWK', which stands for 'treat people with kindness' the slogan used on the 25-year-old's merchandise.

From One Direction reunions to marriage proposals, here are all the fan theories posted about the ambiguous word…

The ‘Frozen’ theory

After a suggestion from one user, it was speculated that the 25-year-old could be hinting at Disney’s hit song, ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’.

It's not Christmas yet, but we're sure Harry would make a good Olaf!

The reunion theory

A well-received theory came after one fan edited the ‘Sign of the Times’ singer’s tweet, to read: “Do you want us to come back?”

With the caption, ‘that’s better’, One Direction fans were quick to agree!

The good deeds theory

After some investigation, one Harry lover found that the day of the tweet – October 5th– was also ‘National Do Something Nice Day’, with someone else responding: “It’s national DO something kind day… only Harry would do this to us.”

It definitely wouldn't be out of character for him to be doing good deeds, after recently being branded the 'most polite pop star' after meeting a fan in Miami.

The Charlie’s Angels theory

An Ariana Grande fan account replied to Harry’s ‘Do’ tweet, with, ‘n’t call me angel’, finishing off the sentence to spell out the Charlie’s Angel theme tune, performed by Ari, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey.

Maybe he could do a remix?

The marriage theory

A popular idea was that ‘Do’ hinted at ‘I do' wedding vows, to which plenty of supporters were quick to offer their hand in marriage to the 1D singer.

Even ‘Scrubs’ actor, Zach Braff, was in agreement as he responded directly, saying: “I do.”

We don’t blame you, Zach!

The baby shark theory

We’re loving the idea that he’s starting off the chorus of ‘Baby Shark’, with fans even linking to a video of him singing it!

The new music theory

One of the more obvious thoughts – a link to his forthcoming album, HS2.

However, one fan decided it wasn’t time for that to be the case, telling Harry: “Things you need to DO:

1. Don’t

2. Drop

3. HS2

4. Yet

5. Sir

6. My

7. Bank

8. Account

9. Isn’t

10. Ready

11. Yet

12. Sir.”

The 1D appreciation theory

It goes without saying, Directioners can crack the code more easily than anyone else, after one suggested the letters stood for ‘Direction One’.

It’s definitely possible!

Whatever the cryptic tweet means, fans are ready and waiting for more from Haz, and we are right there with them!

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