Yorkshire Drug Theft Detective Jailed

4 April 2013, 14:02 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A corrupt detective from West Yorkshire who stole seized drugs and tried to sell them back on the streets has been locked up.

38 year old Nicholas McFadden, who stole enormous amounts of seized drugs and conspired to sell them back on to the streets with his brother, making them at least £600,000, has been jailed for 23 years.

West Yorkshire Police Detective Constable McFadden, helped himself to more than £1 million of heroin, cocaine and cannabis by exploiting “slack” procedures while working at secret evidence stores.

He and his brother, 41 year old Simon McFadden, who has been jailed for 16 years, conspired to sell the drugs back to underworld contacts.

A judge sentencing the duo at Leeds Crown Court said both were motivated by one factor - an “insatiable greed” that made them “so much money that they simply didn't know how to spend it”, but ultimately led to their downfall.