A Record Turnout For Leeds Half Marathon

11 May 2012, 13:07 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A record six thousand runners are taking part in the Leeds Half Marathon on Sunday.

The 13 mile race starts on the Headrow in Leeds City Centre at 9.30am and will go through Kirkstall, West Park, Moortown, Meanwood and finish back in the City Centre on the Headrow. 

Here's some tips from Personal Trainer Paul Smith, from UK Outdoor Fitness for preparing for the race.

1.REST & RELAX: The day before the race if possible completely rest. do not over do it. If you feel anxious do something that relaxes you and makes you feel more comfortable. If you do need to go for a run try a very light 20-30 min jog (But gently does it) 

2. CARBO- LOADING: before the race you should carbo-load, which means that 60-75% of your food should be carbohydrates. Carbo-loading does not mean that you should eat three plates of pasta, eat mars bars, cakes or pizza Eat the same amounts of food that you would normally eat but spread them out more frequently through the day. Make sure you DO NOT EAT too much as you may not have time to process all the food. 

3.KEEP IT SAFE: Don't eat food you do not normally eat. Keep it safe with what works well with you 4. HYDRATE: Make sure you drink lots of water the day before and race. On the day you should also have a isotonic/ sports drinks to help avoid hydration. AVOID ALCOHOL 

5. COMFORTABLE CLOTHING: On the race day wear comfortable clothing that will absorb perspiration. Choose clothing that won't restrict your movement, and remember that this is about fitness, not fashion. Wear good athletic shoes that provide plenty of arch support. Dress for the climate/ weather. 

6. PACK THE NIGHT BEFORE: Make sure that you have your kit ready the night before; trainers, shorts, T-Shirt, heart rate monitor (If you use one) drinks bottle, light energy snacks and music. 

7. PLAN HOW TO GET TO THE RACE: To ensure you have plenty of time before the race - make sure you know how you are going to get to the race, where you will park etc in order to avoid any stress. 

8. WARM UP: When warming make sure you start slow mobilising the body and raising the pulse. Avoid over stretching. Ensure you stay warmed up leading up to the start of the race, to reduce injury risks. 

9. DURING THE RACE: If you are tired , break down, feel like stopping try stay positive, think of how good you will feel at the finish line, remember why you are doing the race and how hard you have trained for this. Think of happy thoughts and good times. Just think I CAN DO THIS AND NOTHING WILL STOP ME. Don't think about the person behind you or in front, just yourself. When racing if music motivates you make sure you have land marks in your music which will keep you going and motivate you to the end. 

10. POST RACE: After the race make sure you hydrate, cool down properly, do not let your heart rate lower too fast, stretch. Celebrate!! Tell everyone how well you have done. This is a great achievement, you should be proud and you deserve a pat on the back!!

Capital's Marie Christopher spoke to Personal Trainer Paul Smith with some tips before, during and after the race. 

A number of road closures will be in place from 5am for full details click HERE 

The Half Marathon supports Jane Tomlinson Appeal and hospices around Yorkshire, including St Gemma?s, Sue Ryder Wheatfields, Sue Ryder Manorlands, Overgate Hospice, Martin House, St Leonard's, St Michael?s, Marie Curie Cancer Care and Forget Me Not. Events director Sara Birkinshaw said: "It's fantastic news that the event has become so popular. This year's Leeds Half Marathon will be the biggest in the event's three decade history, which is fantastic as hopefully it will mean a record fundraising year for all the charities involved."