Doncaster Man Jailed For Child Sex Abuse

A Doncaster mans has been jailed for abusing a child.

35-year-old Stacey Reeve was found guilt of sexual activity with a 5-year-old girl following a trial at Doncaster Crown Court.

Reeve befriended the child's family then abused the young girl on different occasions during August 2010.

He took her on outings and on two separate occasions in wooded areas he sexually abused her.

He denied all charges and allegations against him but was found guiltily in December.

He's been jailed for 6 years and placed on the sex offenders register and told he'll never work with kids again.

DS Rich Partridge leading the investigation said: "Reeve was very calculated; gaining the trust of a family and then sexually abusing their young child. I am really pleased with the verdict and that we have been able to put a stop to any further abuse.