Could your Yorkshire Social Life be better?

16 November 2011, 13:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

More than a third of people in Yorkshire (36%) are unhappy about their social lives with more than one in four (26%) saying money worries keep them at home on Saturday nights, according to a poll.

Almost a third (31%) said they stayed in every Saturday night and over a third (35%) said they liked to stay in because they needed to relax.

One in ten said they did not want to miss their favourite television shows.

More than one in five of those quizzed (22%) said they did not go out at all in a typical week while 37% said they had an average of one night out a week.

Saturday was the most popular night to go out, chosen by 45%, followed by Friday (34%).

Going for a meal was the most popular way to spend an evening out, chosen by 43%, while 21% chose going to the pub.

Around one in eight (13%) would most like to go the cinema, while 10% chose a theatre trip, one in 20 (5%) would like to watch sport and 4% favoured going to a nightclub.

Seven out of ten people in Yorkshire (70%) said they did not have a hangover in a typical week but 18% said they had a hangover once a week and less than 1% confessed to being hung over more than four times a week.

Lloyd Price, a spokesman for, which carried out the study, commented: "Yorkshire people have a reputation for always being out having a good time but our survey shows that perhaps people aren't as sociable as we might think.

"Money worries are certainly having an impact but it's clear that people would welcome new ways to meet like-minded people to improve their social life.''