Everyone is roasting Zendaya's old Instagram pics and her response is hilarious

9 August 2019, 17:36

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

And this is why we wipe our social media accounts pre-2016.

Zendaya is having a real moment right now and getting the shine she truly deserves. The Euphoria actress just finished up playing recovering drug addict Rue in the shocking HBO series, which has already been renewed for a second season. And, we can't forget her starring Marvel role in Spider-Man: Far From Home either.

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However, Zendaya's fans are committed to ensuring that she never forgets her roots, so they've dug deep into the archives and found her old photos. Yep, stan Twitter are throwing it all the way back to Zendaya's 'Swag It Out' days and its sparking some major nostalgia.

Zendaya attends the Cocktail at Fendi Couture Fall Winter 2019/2020.
Zendaya attends the Cocktail at Fendi Couture Fall Winter 2019/2020. Picture: Daniele Venturelli/Contributor, @zendaya via Instagram

Lets set the scene, shall we? It's the 2010s, duck-lip selfies are the height of sophistication, clothing is garishly neon bright, geek glasses (without prescription lenses, of course) are in, and people actually listen to music on iPods. Yes, it was a dark time for us all.

Well, Zendaya's fans are reminding her where she came from with one Twitter follower sharing an epic slideshow of Zendaya's best looks from her hey day.

Please enjoy these vintage gems.

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Today's ensemble💗💙💛

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No such thing as too much pink💗😏

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But, there's one particularly jarring image that's getting attention, showing Zendaya wearing a colourful sneaker on one foot and an equally florescent heel on the other. Why? Who knows, we'll just put it down to the craziness of being in the Disney bubble.

Soon, everyone was roasting 2010 Zendaya's unique lewks.

Of course, Zendaya wasn't about to take the trolling lying down. She hopped on Twitter to defend her fashion choices and clap back at her critics.

She wrote: "I truly hate this damn app sometimes...I’ve worked to hard for this shit lmao."