People are throwing Vans to see if they always land upright

4 March 2019, 12:35

Vans on the floor/Kris Jenner looking at her phone.
Everyone is throwing their Vans in the air for a viral challenge and WTF. Picture: Twitter/@aarondee_/E!
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

You need to try this for yourself.

The internet and bizarre challenges go hand in hand. We had the Valentine's Day text challenge, the savage "I want a baby" challenge and, of course, the creepy Momo challenge. But now something new is sweeping the internet and it's actually baffling.

People are throwing their Vans in the air and seeing if they land with the laces facing upwards – and they ALWAYS do. Like, always. It all started when Twitter user @ibelievethehype shared a video throwing her trainers on the floor and they landed on the sole.

She claimed that Vans will always land upright when you throw them and soon everyone was tossing their trainers in the air, and now it's a viral challenge.

Spookily, it works every single time, no matter how you throw them.

Soon people made the shocking discovery that if their Vans did not land lace up, they were fakes.

And then there were those who just didn't own a pair. Poor things.

But why do they land lace up every time? Is it some sort of conspiracy? Well, no. Vans are actually skate shoes, which means they're designed to provide support, weigh your feet down to the board and help you land flat to lessen the impact.

Yeah, not so spooky now.