What does Vabbing mean? TikTok users are using vaginal secretions as perfume

14 July 2022, 15:01

Danielle Marcan shows how to turn her eyes into siren eyes

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Is vabbing real? An investigation into the latest wild TikTok trend…

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So you're single and you've tried it all: sliding into people's DMs, dating apps, even purposely bumping into people at the grocery store like you're in a rom-com to strike up conversation… but have you tried vabbing?

If you've been on TikTok recently, then you'll know the art of seduction is on the internet's mind. Case in point, the Siren Eyes makeup trend which is blowing up on the platform and promises to bring in the man or woman of your dreams.

Well, now vabbing is the latest TikTok trend that promises to attract potential partners. But what exactly does vabbing involve? Well…

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What is vabbing?

People are actually using their vaginal juices as perfume and I'm actually losing it
People are actually using their vaginal juices as perfume and I'm actually losing it. Picture: @jewlieah via TikTok, BET

To put it simply, "vabbing" is just vagina dabbing. Basically, using vaginal juices as a perfume. It's long been claimed that scent is a big part of attraction, so people have been dabbing their vaginal fluid onto all the places they would usually put perfume. Yes, on their wrists, neck and behind their ears.

According to Urban Dictionary: "This is when you stick your lady fingers in between your lady lips and put your lady juice behind your lady ears so that people want to sex your lady box." Oh right.

Apparently, it can help attract potential partners and some have claimed that it's actually worked for them.

It's not exactly new, though, the Urban Dictionary definition dates all the way back to 2019. But it's only just exploded on TikTok. The "vabbing" hashtag now has over 20 million views and people are sharing if it has actually worked for them or not.

TikToker @jewlieah posted a video on her experience of vabbing. "I don't know who needs to hear this but vabbing works. Vabbing 100% works, like, I got offered two free drinks at the pool and then a guy gave me this," she explained, while holding a box of a luxury beauty product.

Is vabbing real?

Convinced? Well, before you reach up there, it's been found that there's actually no science behind it. Sorry.

On Australia's The Kyle and Jackie O Show, a doctor debunked the claims that vabbing leads to some sort of romantic connection.

He said: "There are a variety of aromas that come from down below. And sometimes they can be sweet, and sometimes they can’t be. It’s not going to be as powerful a bloke attractor as some ladies may think."

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