What does 'until tomorrow' mean on Instagram? The meme caption explained

30 March 2020, 16:00

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The 'Until Tomorrow' challenge is sweeping Instagram but what does it mean? Here's everything you need to know about the caption...

I don't know about you but I'm currently spending approximately 23 hours a day scrolling mindlessly through Instagram. Clicking on (and quickly off of) everyone's livestreams, reminiscing at my own grid, trying to avoid liking three year old photos on profiles I just happened to *air quotes* stumble across...

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As we all know, there's always new trends and challenges kicking off on the app every second but over the past week, you may have seen people posting completely out of context pictures of themselves, alongside the equally out of context caption "until tomorrow" – but what does it mean? Here's an explainer...

What does "Until Tomorrow" mean on Instagram?

What does 'Until tomorrow' mean on Instagram?
What does 'Until tomorrow' mean on Instagram? Picture: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images, E!

To take part in the until tomorrow challenge, all you have to do is post an old, embarrassing picture of yourself and leave it on your profile for 24 hours. That's it. That's literally all it is.

To keep the trend going, you're then meant to message everyone (or, whoever you actually speak to) that liked your picture.

The message, if you choose to send it, reads: "You liked my post so you have to post an embarrassing picture of yourself, for the caption you’re ONLY allowed to write 'until tomorrow' and you can only tag me. You must send this message to everyone that likes your picture. The picture must stay posted for 24 hours. Good luck and don’t spoil the trend!"

The next person then has to do the same thing to keep the ball rolling. Simple as that.

Memes about the challenge have also sprung up on Twitter, mostly about people refusing to do it, or not knowing what it actually is.

While some people say the trend started on TikTok, it appears as though this one started on Instagram. Although, there is an #untiltomorrow TikTok hashtag but most of the videos in there are just people shouting about how annoying they think the whole thing is.

It's just a little quarantine fun guys, it's not that deep x