Trisha Paytas defends "I am Transgender" video after receiving backlash

8 October 2019, 14:05

Trisha has been accused of exploiting the trans community for views but has since responded to the backlash.

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has caused new controversy online thanks to a new video titled "I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)." In the 15 minute video, Trisha announced that she is "transgender female to male" but still identifies with her "natural born gender."

Trisha's explained why she identifies as a boy, saying: "I don't like to be centre of attention, except when I wanna be centre of attention...When I want to put on a show, I put on the hair, I put on the makeup, I put on the outfits. But if you guys know me on this channel or just in life. I never wear hair and make up in my day to day. I've always related to guys on that level."

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She also states that she has always had "penis envy," because she feels it would make her life easier when trying to be assertive, instead of being called a bitch. She also said she identifies as a gay man because she is attracted to other gay men.

Trisha says that she is "1000%" transgender but also "1000%" identifies with her "natural born gender." She also said that she will continue to use female pronouns, although she’s not a fan of non-binary pronouns ‘they’ and ‘them’.

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Before u judge me, try hard to love me ❤️

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Trisha's video received mixed reactions on social media due to some of the comments she made. Some people also accused Trisha of making light of LGBTQ+ issues and exploiting the trans community for clicks with the title and thumbnail of her video (which appears to be a picture of her dressed as Troy Bolton from High School Musical from an upcoming video.)

While there was intense backlash to the video, others were concerned about Trisha and felt like she deserved a space to say how she feels but ultimately urged her to educate herself more on trans issues and language that she used.

Last night (October 7), Trisha responded to the backlash, writing on Instagram: "In regards to today's video... I'm sorry that offended you but that is my truth and my reality that I have been facing. It's honest and it's the difficulty I'm facing while transitioning. People don't have the right to be offended by my truth. Men reject me because I'm "too feminine."

It's not fair but it's my reality and it's my struggle that I'm going through. It has put me in severe depression. I'm sorry. You don't know my struggle. What I face may not be the same for other ftm but it's what I have to hear and deal with on the regular for years."

Trisha also wrote: "I experimented trying to dress the "gender" I identity with and got ripped for my truth and my experiences. I won't apologize for what I've lived and gone thru [sic] in my struggle to find my true self and identity."

Trisha has also been responding to people on Twitter about her intentions with the video.