Trisha Paytas now uses they/them pronouns after coming out as non-binary

12 April 2021, 11:52

Trisha Paytas mocks Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck on TikTok

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Trisha now uses they/them pronouns.

Trisha Paytas has opened up about being non-binary and announced that they now use they/them pronouns.

On Saturday (Apr 10), the YouTuber shared an almost 40-minute video titled "re: my gender" where they opened up about their gender identity after officially announcing that they are non-binary on Twitter in March.

Trisha was inspired by YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous' recent coming out video, where she revealed that she is pansexual. "I'm non-binary and I have to give credit to TikTok and Gen-Z, that seems like the perfect label for me," Trisha explained.

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Trisha now uses they/them pronouns.
Trisha now uses they/them pronouns. Picture: @trishapaytasbackup via Instagram, Trisha Paytas via YouTube

"Um, I think people look at me and think of me as a cis female that is heterosexual. Most of my public relationships have been with straight men but I've been with gay men, I've been with bi men, I've been with women, I've been with trans women, and I've been with non-binary people but they didn't realise they were non-binary because they didn't really have a label. When I was dating their wasn't labels of they/them."

Trisha also said that when they have children they would be raising them with they/them pronouns. They added: "I never thought pronouns were that big of a deal but for me it really effects how I feel comfortable. A lot of people will say, about my relationship now, 'Oh Trisha you look so happy and comfortable.' And I feel so happy, so safe and so comfortable and confident in my relationship."

Trisha described themselves as gender-fluid and said they feel more confident in their body when male. They also touched upon how YouTuber Nikita Dragun's comment about "mocking the success of a trans woman" on Twitter had triggered them.

Trisha added: "I do have days where I really identify as he/him, I really identify as a man, and it makes me safe when I'm male […] But because my shell a lot of the times doesn't match that of a male, I'm more of a cis female or a girlie girl or a drag queen or whatever, people don't really understand it.

"The drag or cosplay or whatever you want to call it of my girl side is really just me playing dress up and I love it. I think anyone can tell when I put makeup up on and get glam I'm like a different person, it's like a character. It's hard for me to fully let go of she/her because that's what I grew up with and that little girl still deserves a chance in life."

Trisha Paytas came out as non-binary on Twitter
Trisha Paytas came out as non-binary on Twitter. Picture: @TrishaPaytas via Twitter

Trisha has previously spoken about their gender identity, revealing they were transgender in 2019. In October, Trisha announced they would be identifying as a transgender man but would continue to use she/her pronouns.

"For me, saying I’m transgender was just a thing to say because it’s what people want to label me as – a female, who's a male," Trisha said during an episode of The Doctors. "I was born female, but even from a young age I had a hormonal imbalance where I knew I wasn't female."

At the time, Trisha received a lot of criticism from the LGBTQ+ community for exploiting transgender people for publicity. However, Trisha has insisted that they didn't know what non-binary was back then and didn't mean to offend anyone.

They continued: "This is what I've been struggling with for so long. For people to accept that I am no genders and all genders at once, or at different times. And the more I was researching non-binary I was just like, 'Oh this is the label. This is who I am.' And sometimes it's okay not to have an identity and a lot of times I'm a they, in the sense that I don't know."