Trisha Paytas shares "threatening" text messages from Jeff Wittek

30 June 2021, 16:56

Trisha Paytas shares "threatening" text messages from Jeff Wittek

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Trisha had been discussing Jeff's near-fatal accident on their YouTube channel.

Trisha Paytas has shared "threatening" text messages from Jeff Wittek after they spoke about his eye injury.

In April, Jeff revealed that he had been in a near-fatal accident after an excavator prank pulled by YouTuber David Dobrik went horribly wrong. The accident actually occurred in 2020 and Jeff, who detailed his recovery and rehabilitation in a YouTube series, had to have multiple surgeries to save his eye.

On Tuesday (June 29), Trisha shared a YouTube video titled 'Jeff Wittek, Gabbie Hanna, Ethan Klein - ENEMIES #1'. It was the first episode of Trisha's new YouTube series following their dramatic fall out with Ethan Klein, which spelled the end of the Frenemies podcast. Jeff had made comments about Trisha's "toxic" friendship with Ethan on his podcast and they basically clapped back.

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Trisha Paytas shares "threatening" text messages from Jeff Wittek
Trisha Paytas shares "threatening" text messages from Jeff Wittek. Picture: blndsundoll4mj via YouTube, @TrishaPaytas via Twitter, @jeff via Instagram

"You were dumb. This was something unsupervised. You had no professionals, no medical people on site. You’re just dumb…just say that. This was really stupid," Trisha said of Jeff's accident.

Well, Jeff definitely didn't like what Trisha had to say, sending them text messages about their comments. "Poke away at my injury and it’s gonna end really bad for everyone," Jeff started. "You’re crossing the line." However, Trisha argued that they were allowed to comment on what they like.

Later, Trisha shared the messages on Twitter. They tweeted: "Woke up to Jeff Wittek threatening me this morning. Ummm I literally just commented on a segment u were talking about me and stuff u made public but ok go off."

Jeff responded: "Nobody cares, you little rat. Go to the police, maybe they’ll sit through your 10 hours of videos." Trisha then hit back: "Hope David is paying for some therapy for you, too."