Trisha Paytas called out for gender reveal party after saying their baby would be raised non-binary

11 April 2022, 17:33

Trisha Paytas and husband Moses Hacmon find out the gender of their baby

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Strange that someone who is non-binary and has had so much attention around her own gender is going to reveal the gender of their baby."

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Trisha Paytas is being criticised for having a gender reveal party despite being non-binary themselves and claiming that their child would be raised non-binary too.

The YouTuber is currently expecting their first child with their husband Moses Hacmon. Trisha has been excitedly keeping their fans updated on their pregnancy journey after previously being told that they would not be able to conceive.

On Sunday (Apr 10), Trisha shared a video of their intimate gender reveal party with their family and friends. In the beginning of the four-minute video, Trisha said they thought they were having a boy but after pulling the confetti cannon, pink confetti flew out meaning Trisha is expecting a little girl.

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Trisha Paytas called out for having gender reveal party
Trisha Paytas called out for having gender reveal party. Picture: blndsundoll4mj via YouTube

"I'm so excited to have a girl," Trisha said as their friends congratulated them. "Everyone's been telling us it's a boy. We had the nursery picked out, we had the name. I'm scared."

Although Trisha's fans were happy for them, people found it strange that Trisha, who announced they were non-binary and would be using they/them pronouns in 2021, would have a gender reveal. It was also odd considering Trisha stated that their baby would be raised non-binary in February.

"I'll be raising my baby as a baby, non-binary, but I'm not necessarily doing the gender norms like pink or blue, do you know what I mean?" Trisha explained. Trisha's husband then said that there should be two gender reveals, one before the baby is born and one when the baby grows up and decides what they will identify as.

Speaking about the gender reveal party, one person tweeted: "I haven’t checked to see if they’ve said anything or if there’s any criticism about this but is anyone else concerned with Trisha Paytas being non-binary and advocating for non-gender conformity and then having a traditional gender reveal party is the colours and all??"

Another added: "Gender reveal seems like a weird move for someone who claims to be non binary."

Trisha is yet to respond to the backlash or explain their reasons for having a gender reveal. We will update you if they do.

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