Travis Kelce's old tweets are going viral and they're hilariously wholesome

16 November 2023, 17:17

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Every Travis Kelce tweet is like dam! dinner tastes awsome when your hurngy! but it makes u so full!"

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Travis Kelce's old tweets have gone viral after Swifties found his hilarious old social media posts.

The Kansas City Chiefs star, who has gained a whole new legion of fans since he started dating Taylor Swift, is currently Twitter's favourite person thanks to his hilarious, wholesome, and often charmingly misspelled, comments about Chipotle, Olive Garden, feeding squirrels bread and nap time.

Travis was in his early twenties at the time most of these posts were shared, but only now are they unexpectedly gaining attention. As one user wrote: "Travis Kelce is experiencing the most positive possible version of the internet digging up your tweets from 2011"

Here's some of the best and funniest reactions to Travis Kelce's old tweets.

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Travis Kelce's old tweets have gone viral thanks to the Swifties
Travis Kelce's old tweets have gone viral thanks to the Swifties. Picture: JC Olivera/Getty Images, @taylorswift via Instagram

Amongst the funniest responses to Travis' old tweets, Swifties have been finding 'invisible strings' and completely random references linking Travis' old tweets to Taylor's lyrics and previous social media activity.

Travis' most popular old tweet, where he wrote about feeding a piece of bread to a "squirle" has gone even more viral thanks to Taylor's 2021 Halloween costume... where she dressed up as a squirrel.

Others have applied Travis' tweets to Taylor's music, and have joked about what Taylor was writing in 2011 compared to the random stuff Travis was sharing on social media.

Others are just absolutely in love with the completely trivial stuff he was tweeting back in the day. Nap time? I COULDN'T AGREE MORE! MGMT's Electric Feel? TASTE! Tweeting about squirrels eating bread and then dropping a deep take on "tyranny of the present"? GET YOU A MAN WHO CAN DO BOTH!

Since the tweets have gone viral, a few of them have been deleted by Travis including an absolutely incredible tweet from 2011 where he wrote: "Ay you ain't nothin.. always gone be a peice of cheese witout the corners! you'll never be a slice bitch!! LMAO!!!"

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