Tom Holland finally addresses those Nicki Minaj relationship memes

9 February 2021, 11:57

Tom Holland buys chickens because there’s no eggs at the supermarket

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Remember the 'Nicki Minaj is pregnant with Tom Holland's baby' memes? Tom Holland has seen them too...

Tom Holland is known for many things. His talent, his humour, his penchant for revealing a spoiler or two about the MCU and most importantly, his fictional relationship with Nicki Minaj.

Back in 2019, a meme went viral on Twitter that jokingly said Tom was in a relationship with Nicki, and that they were having a baby together. To this day, it's still one of the funniest Tom Holland memes that the internet has ever blessed us with, but Tom had never addressed it... Until now.

While diving into important moments in his career in a new interview with Esquire, Tom finally spoke about the legendary meme, and his response was the most Tom Holland response you could ever imagine.

"This actually really stressed me out, and then I saw it was Nicki Minaj," he said. "And then I realised I've never met Nicki Minaj. So that was a big relief for me because I'm not ready to have kids."

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How did the Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj meme start?

Like any good internet meme, there is simply no explanation as to why the internet decided to throw Tom and Nicki into a fictional meme relationship.

In 2019, fan account @tomnetherlands posted multiple video edits with elaborate fictional storylines saying that Tom was in a relationship with James Charles, but ended up 'killing' him so he could be with Nicki Minaj. There's plot twists, there's character resurrections, there's special guests... it's quite the saga.

The meme escalated in 2020 when Nicki Minaj announced that she was expecting a baby.

Continuing the narrative from the viral meme, people began sharing messages of congratulations to Nicki and Tom and creating memes of their own in response to the news. Of course, Tom was not the father of Nicki's baby but that didn't stop people from double checking... Now it seems that Tom had to double check too.

Tom Holland + Nicki Minaj = The gift that keeps on giving.