What is the Pink Sauce on TikTok? Memes about the viral "mystery" sauce go viral

21 July 2022, 15:35

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The viral TikTok condiment is raising a lot of questions.

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If you've been on TikTok recently, then you'll have probably heard all about the drama surrounding The Pink Sauce.

Dubbed "mystery sauce" by people on social media thanks to the mysterious taste of the product, the bright pink condiment was created by Chef Pii, a private chef and mixologist. Chef Pii first shared and began promoting her concoction back in June and has recently started shipping the first batches to customers.

But now there's a whole load of drama surrounding the product and what ingredients are used in it – and as always, the internet has responded with plenty of memes.

What is the Pink Sauce on TikTok?

Pink Sauce TikTok drama: All the funniest memes
Pink Sauce TikTok drama: All the funniest memes. Picture: @chef.pii via TikTok, BBC

What are the Pink Sauce ingredients?

Initially, Chef Pii would not reveal what ingredients were actually in the sauce, leading users to start calling her out in her comments.

According to the Pink Sauce website and the label on the bottle, the sauce is apparently made from water, sunflower seed oil, raw honey, distilled vinegar, garlic, pitaya (dragonfruit, which gives the sauce the pink colouring), pink Himalayan sea salt, dried spices, citric acid, lemon juice and milk. (It does not appear to include any preservatives.)

In one TikTok video, Chef Pii calls the sauce "edible and natural."

What does Pink Sauce taste like?

Well, that is the million dollar question. Chef Pii has declined to reveal what the sauce actually tastes like, instead saying to her followers: "It has its own taste. If you wanna taste it, buy it."

Those who have bought and tried the sauce have been sharing their thoughts on the flavour online. Some people have compared it to a sweet-seasoned ranch sauce.

The Pink Sauce drama explained

While the Pink Sauce has gone massively viral, Chef Pii's small business was hit with quite a bit of controversy and criticism over claims that the nutritional label was completely inaccurate.

Other users have been sharing videos of their bottles arriving in the mail with the sauce completely inedible, presumably due to the fact that it contains milk with no preservatives, and has not been refrigerated throughout the delivery process.

TikTok user @seansvv questioned the accuracy of the nutritional label in a video, saying: "There are so many errors on this nutritional label, saying 444 servings, which is 14.4 grams [per serving]. Which makes almost 6,300-something grams in the whole bottle, which is inaccurate."

In the same video, they also expressed concern about people consuming the product: "If someone gets sick from this I am scared for the person who gets sick and the person who owns this business."

Following the criticism, Chef Pii responded to the controversy, clarifying that the labels have now been fixed with the correct information. (At time of publication, the nutritional labels on the website have not been updated.)

Addressing the questions about whether or not the sauce is safe to consume, Chef Pii added: "Yes, we are following FDA standard. However, we are currently in lab testing. Once we go through lab testing, we will be able to pitch to stores."

Despite the clarifications, there's still a lot of mystery and criticism surrounding the Pink Sauce. But that hasn't stopped people buying it, trying it and becoming invested in Chef Pii's creation.

The infamous Pink Sauce has gone so viral on TikTok, it's already now spilled over to Twitter and the memes and reactions are coming in thick and fast.

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