Straight Pride memes are roasting Boston's new "Straight Pride" parade

5 June 2019, 18:01

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Boston city is hosting a "Straight Pride" parade this year and the internet is not here for it...

Straight Pride memes are breaking the internet and they're roasting Boston's 2019 "Straight Pride" parade in the best way.

17 hilarious tweets to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride

LGBTQ+ Pride month is finally here. The annual event commemorates the Stonewall riots, which took place in New York City in June 1969. The riots saw lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people fight for their rights and helped change legislation which discriminated against LGBTQ+ people. Every year, the LGBTQ+ community hosts events in June to celebrate each other, honour their predecessors and raise awareness for what still needs to be done to protect our LGBTQ+ siblings.

However, every year there are straight, cisgender people who fail to understand how important LGBTQ+ Pride month is. This year, far-right personality and Super Happy Fun America vice president Mark Sahady has gone viral with a Facebook post in which he reveals that the city of Boston have given him the green light to organise a Straight Pride parade. Naturally, the internet is not impressed and people have been taking to social media to call him out with the most iconic memes.

Check out the funniest Straight Pride memes below.

The funniest Straight Pride memes inspired by Boston&squot;s new "Straight Pride" parade
The funniest Straight Pride memes inspired by Boston's new "Straight Pride" parade. Picture: Pexels // Super Happy Fun America

Sahady's original Facebook post stated: “It looks like the Boston Straight Pride Parade will happen. We filed a discrimination complaint and it appears the City of Boston understands they would lose in litigation. The city is now working with us on the parade. We will have the streets closed and be allowed floats and vehicles. The tentative date is 8/31 but will be finalized in the next few weeks. The proposed parade route is below."

Seeing as straight, cisgender people do not experience oppression based on their sexuality or for identifying as the genders which they were assigned at birth, it is no surprise that LGBTQ+ people are angered by Sahady's statements and Boston's alleged agreement to host a Straight Pride Parade. The mere suggestion of Straight Pride makes a mockery of the actual prejudice which the LGBTQ+ community experiences.

If you visit the Super Happy Fun America website you can find out more about Straight Pride (the website includes its own Straight Pride flag, which has represented the straight community for over '0.4 years"). We're not joking. With that in mind, the internet has done what it does best and created memes out of the situation. Here are just a few of the most hilarious Straight Pride memes so far.

Will there be any women at the Straight Pride parade?

And I oop.

A video explaining why Straight Pride is so important.

And the Academy Award goes to...

Remember when the police harassed straight people?

Me neither.

A meme within a meme.

We see no lies.

Essential information for people attending the parade.

Heterophobia, like reverse racism, does not exist.

How should people dress for the Straight Pride parade?

Clown attire seems appropriate.

Although this is probably what people will wear.

You know it's true.

It looks like some people are upset.

About what, exactly?

What will the parade look like?


What will the Straight Pride parade floats be?

I'm crying.

Actually this is the one.

This is so specific.

People are making some excellent points.

The talent that this tweet has.

Can the Straight Pride organisers please read this?

Seriously, the arrogance and ignorance of these people.

Regina George said it best.

A true ally.

It's almost like straight people want to be oppressed.

The nerve.

When the reality is...


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said 'LGBTQ+ Rights'.

What an amazing woman.

Captain America said 'LGBTQ+ RIGHTS'.

The best Chris.

Straight Pride actually already exists.


Also its canon that parades are queer.

We don't make the rules.

In conclusion...

...Happy LGBTQ+ Pride month! Stay safe.