The ‘show me your Insta next to your Finsta’ challenge is too real

14 August 2019, 17:45

Insta Finsta Challenge
Insta Finsta Challenge. Picture: Twitter: @literallysofie
Rachel Finn

By Rachel Finn

The challenge asks people to post two photos showing their best selves and ‘worst’ selves side-by-side.

It’s a well known fact of life that there are two sides to every story. And it’s also a well-known fact that anyone’s perfectly curated Instagram feed is *not* actually an IRL representation of their life. Now there’s a new challenge online which compares these two facts in the funniest way.

The ‘show me your insta next to your finsta’ challenge is asking people to compare two photos showing their best selves and ‘worst’ selves side-by-side.

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But what is a ‘Finsta’?

In case you didn’t know, a ‘finsta’ stands for ‘fake instagram’ and is an Instagram account separate from your main one where you post more real, candid shots to share with only your close friends.

Think of it as kind of an account to share your photos that are funny, emotional, embarrassing or just a bit weird, in comparison to your main Instagram account, which is full of curated snaps.

Now people online are sharing photos from both of their accounts side-by-side to show just how curated our main social feeds can really be. Let’s take a look at some of the best…

Honestly, all of your curated grids look amazing but nothing - NOTHING - will beat your messy ass finsta. LONG LIVE THE FINSTA!