ShindanMaker's energy test will reveal what energy you radiate

6 July 2020, 12:34

ShindanMaker Energy test reveals what energy you radiate
ShindanMaker Energy test reveals what energy you radiate. Picture: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

So... what energy do you actually radiate?

Ever wanted to know what kind of energy you radiate? Well, now you can thanks to this absolutely un-scientific, yet totally believable generator.

The “what’s your energy?” ShindanMaker quiz is doing the rounds on Twitter and people are sharing their results. From owning King/Queen energy to exuding cowboy, badass, or even loner energy… it's absolutely anyone's guess as to what you'll end up with.

Play the 'What's Your Energy?' ShindanMaker quiz here.

The test, created by ShindanMaker user @senkyos, has been played almost 250,000 times.

Much like the Vibe Check test and the 'stupid, horny and cursed' personality test before it, all you have to do is type your name into the text box, hit diagnose and... hope for the best.

Thanks to a quick poll from the PopBuzz staff, the types of energy that are included in the generator are: god/goddess energy, bitch energy, loner energy, hunk energy, jock energy, crazy energy, small tits energy and uh, old creepy f*ck energy.

Here's where a bunch of other people sit on the scale:

Tom Holland
Tom Holland. Picture: ShindanMaker
Chris Evans
Chris Evans. Picture: ShindanMaker
The Queen
The Queen. Picture: ShindanMaker
Klaus Hargreeves
Klaus Hargreeves. Picture: ShindanMaker

What energy did you end up with?