Shane Dawson clip 'joking' about Trayvon Martin resurfaces following apology video fallout

29 June 2020, 12:21

Shane Dawson apologises for making racist YouTube videos

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

A video of Shane Dawson joking about the death of black teenager Trayvon Martin has resurfaced, and fellow YouTubers Steve Greene and Nikki Limo have come forward to apologise.

Shane Dawson has got himself in some serious hot water as of late, and now smaller YouTubers Steve Greene and Nikki Limo have come forward to apologise, after a resurfaced video went viral of them joking with him about the death of black teenager Trayvon Martin.

In the video, dating back to 2014, the married comedy duo sat down with Shane for a 'talking sh*t challenge' video on Steve's channel, which only has 107 subscribers. In the video, they pull names out of a hat and expressed their unpopular opinions, including the 17-year-old murdered Trayvon Martin, who just two years prior was shot dead after walking back from a supermarket.

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A clip of Shane joking about Trayvon Martin in 2014 has gone viral.
A clip of Shane joking about Trayvon Martin in 2014 has gone viral. Picture: Shane Dawson via Instagram/Steve Greene via YouTube

When the topic comes up, Shane, who has recently been under fire for sexual abuse allegations as well as racism, begins to laugh, and declares openly that, "maybe you [Trayvon] wouldn't have been walking around the streets if you had a job."

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As Steve and Nikki awkwardly laugh the situation off, Shane quickly defends himself shouting "it's a game!" before they swiftly move on.

Of course, the video has now been deleted for several years but a clip was resurfaced following the backlash to Shane's apology video.

Now, Steve Greene and Nikki Limo, who are married, have been forced to issue an apology, where they claim that they purposely chose people for the game that were "impossible to roast" and leapt to their own defence that other names that got pulled out the hat included Jesus and Robin Williams.

In the 5-minute video apology video, they explain that the "joke is never on any victims" and that they're "sorry if you were offended, but we're just trying to help you understand where we were coming from at the time."

Steve also added that "people keep taking the video out of context" which was his reason for deleting it, but fans aren't letting it slip that easily, particularly because the apology video is unlisted on his channel, meaning you have to have a link to even be able to view it.

It's already racked up a respectable 33,000 views, with 1.9K of those being thumbs down, and a just 295 people giving them the benefit of the doubt. Yikes.

And if the reactions are anything to go by, it seems like all is not forgiven...

It's fair to say that the decision was pretty unanimous for the pair to remain cancelled for now (despite never really taking off in the first place).

People across the internet are calling for legal investigations into Shane Dawson's behaviour after a lot of unearthed dirt has come up about him over the past few days, including jokes about sexually abusing minors - revelations that have cost him over 600,000 subscribers.

He's already issued his own apology video, but it quickly backfired as people have become more unforgiving about celebrities with platforms using racist language.

"I need Shane Dawson to know how disappointed and disgusted I am of him", one user wrote, while another commented on the video: "Shane Dawson really said “sorry for being a racist pedophile I was sad".

Shane is yet to comment on the Trayvon Martin clip. We will update this article as soon as he does.

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