Shane Dawson's documentary will address his cat drama controversy

26 September 2019, 14:26

The trailer for Shane's Jeffree Star documentary features the #ShaneDawsonIsOver hashtag, hinting that it will address Shane's cat drama.

Gird your loins, Shane Dawson is back with a new documentary series and it's about to consume every waking moment of our lives.

On Tuesday (Sept 24), Shane uploaded the trailer of his long-awaited new documentary series surrounding Jeffree Star and the beauty community. The first episode (out of nine, apparently) of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star will drop on October 1st and will feature the fallout of all that James Charles drama.

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The trailer also shows a brief glimpse at the hashtag #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty which had fans wondering what it was all about. Judging by the other trending in that short clip, it seems as though the doc will be addressing Shane's big 'cat' scandal from March earlier this year.

#ShaneDawsonIsOverParty trended following Shane's cat scandal
#ShaneDawsonIsOverParty trended following Shane's cat scandal. Picture: Shane Dawson via YouTube

In case you missed the whole thing, Shane was caught up in a bit of a scandal back in March when a soundbite from an old 2015 episode of his podcast, Shane and Friends, went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier this year, a tweet went began circulating in which someone wrote: "can we just stop supporting shane dawson? to me black face pedophila or BEASTIALITY [sic] is never a joke," alongside a snippet from the podcast that heard Shane joking about sexually abusing his cat at the age of 19.

In the podcast, Shane says: "One time I laid my cat down on her back and I moved her little chicken legs spread open... and I was like if I just hump on her tummy that's not weird." Blah blah blah, you get the idea...

The tweet, which has now been deleted, was retweeted thousands and thousands of times, resulting in news coverage and the hashtag #ShaneDawsonIsOverParty.

On the same day, Shane responded and wrote a lengthy emotional apology in a Twitter thread:

As he explained in his tweets, Shane never made an apology video about the situation but judging by the footage in Shane's doc, the story broke while he was filming and it was all caught on camera. In the trailer, Shane can be seen sitting at home, looking at the trending topics on Twitter as the drama unfolded online.

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A week later, Shane was hit with another round of internet commentary after people started accusing him of proposing to his boyfriend Ryland to distract from the cat drama. Fans immediately jumped to his defence and Shane responded, saying "if u really think i proposed because of that ur crazy. it’s our 3 year anniversary and i’ve been planning this for a long time. i don’t give THAT much power to people on twitter trying to cancel me for the THOUSANDth time."

We don't yet how much of the documentary will focus on Shane's reaction surrounding the controversy but it looks like we might get a glimpse of how it all affected him at the time.