23 Selling Sunset season 5 memes that are almost as iconic as Christine

26 April 2022, 17:39

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

All the best memes from Selling Sunset season 5.

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Another season of Selling Sunset has come and gone, once again leaving a question mark over Christine Quinn's future at The Oppenheim Group and loads of iconic memes in its wake.

Selling Sunset season 5 has everything: Houses, heels, babies in expensive outfits, Caviar and Couture open houses, the return of Adnan, the return of Escrow, Maya stirring the pot, Christine causing chaos, far too many shots of Chrishell rubbing Jason's bald head, Mary getting a promotion, Emma's empanadas, a brand new agent called Chelsea with an apparently questionable British accent, and Greece!

As always, fans of the Netflix series have been sharing their opinions of the show's more chaotic moments on social media and the memes are out of control.

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All the best Selling Sunset season 5 memes
All the best Selling Sunset season 5 memes. Picture: Netflix, VH1

Selling Sunset season 5 in a nutshell.

Say what you want about Christine, but she's playing the game and she's playing it well!

In the immortal words of Cassie Howard, "If that makes me a villain, then so f*cking be it!"

Chelsea and her British accent were thee highlights of the season!

They are the moment.

Sorry but Christine is a top tier comedian.

Give her a spin-off! Give her a stand-up special! Let her host a roast!

$28 million? A steal, tbh. Let's get into escrow x

And I will never not be obsessed with every! single! one of them!

Bless Vanessa's heart. She just wants to sell houses and marry her British boyfriend.

Maya is an agent of chaos and I love her.

One minute you're excited to see the romance unfold, the next minute you're lowkey begging it to stop.

I'm really sorry but it's giving me the ick.

No one is ever gonna let Davina forget how badly she fumbled that $75 million listing.

If there was a Selling Sunset power ranking, Adnan would be top 3. Easily.


Who put 50p in Mary?!!!!

Highlight of this scene: Amanza saying, "WELL THEN CHIME IN!"

Me doing the bare minimum at work:

To be fair to Davina, at least she's trying x

The Selling Sunset soundtrack strikes again!

"I'm🙋 not 🙅🚫 the type⌨️ to break 💔 up⬆ with my kidney🚑, so watch 👁️👄👁️ me work 🧑‍💼💼!"

A little motivation for your week ahead x

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