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18 September 2023, 14:26

It's Time To Ban Family Vlogs

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

YouTuber News relaunches as Scroll Deep and for it's first episode takes a look at the Ruby Franke scandal and the ethics of family vlogging.

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Following the disturbing news that Ruby Franke had been arrested on suspicion of abusing her kids, who she filmed all the time as part of YouTube channel '8 Passengers', the debate around the ethics of family vlogging has reappeared online.

Should there be rules or laws which restrict how much a parent is able to film and monetise their children?

On this first episode of Scroll Deep, the newly rebranded show formerly known as YouTuber News, Benedict Townsend takes a deep dive into family vlogging, the new laws emerging to protect children, and the recent drama involving Everleigh LaBrant's song "Like Taylor Swift".

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