Rami Malek refused to take a video with a fan and now it's a meme

31 October 2018, 19:51

Rami Malek phone video memes
Rami Malek has been turned into a meme after declining to record a video with a fan. Picture: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images/Life with MaK via Twitter
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

This is honestly the most awkward video you'll ever watch, but hey, at least the memes are funny!

A video of Rami Malek refusing to say hello to a fan's friends has gone viral on Twitter and people are now starting to create absolutely savage memes about the whole thing.

Rami, who is currently promoting his new film Bohemian Rhapsody, generously stopped to take a picture with a fan but when they asked him to say hello to their friends, he declined - and then tried to stop the video when he realised he was being recorded. (According to the fan, Rami also tried to swipe across from 'video mode' into 'picture mode', which kinda makes the situation even funnier.)

Of course, a celebrity isn't obliged to do anything when you meet them in public. Rami even stopping in the first place was generous enough but an encounter like this is every fan's worst nightmare. Watch the video below and just try not to cringe.

Since the video was posted by Twitter user @enemyfiIm on October 30th, it has been viewed over 3.25 million times and now, people are turning Rami's unforgettable reaction into a meme.

People are even sharing videos of other celebrities giving shout outs during fan encounters, including ones of Sarah Paulson and Bill Hader.

Of course, while we all enjoy a good meme to make light out of an awkward situation, some fans are rightly defending Rami, who shouldn't be called out for not wanting to record a video message for a fan.

Despite the memes, Rami has also responded to the video himself saying: “I finally brought myself to watch it. I thought, ‘Oh, that’s not that bad. I don’t find myself offensive.’”

“I am happy to take photos with anyone," he clarified to Vanity Fair. "I just want to be aware of what people are doing in the moment. When someone films you automatically, it’s a bit intrusive.”

Basically, let your friends know that if they want a shout out from Rami Malek, they better go and get it themselves.