What is a Rainbow Kiss? TikTok reacts to explicit meaning of the viral term

30 January 2024, 09:09

Cardi B opens up about her hilarious NSFW butthole incident

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

'Rainbow Kiss' has gone viral on social media.

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[CONTENT WARNING: This article contains reference to an explicit sexual act.]

TikTok is back at it again. From Vabbing and 'jizzy jewellery' to all kinds of other NSFW trends and reaction challenges, 2022 has not been short of absolutely wild viral moments.

Now, another explicit term has gone viral on the platform alongside another hilarious reaction trend. People are currently confused – and horrified – over the meaning of a 'Rainbow Kiss'. Countless videos have popped up on the platform of people reacting to what it means, but the actual meaning is never shared in those videos.

If you're curious, here's what it means, why it's trending and all the funniest reactions to the NSFW reveal.

What does Rainbow Kiss mean on TikTok?

What is a Rainbow Kiss? TikTok reacts to NSFW viral term
What is a Rainbow Kiss? TikTok reacts to NSFW viral term. Picture: Thiago Prudêncio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images, The Wendy Williams Show via YouTube

It seems like new interest in the meaning of the term has been sparked on the platform thanks to one particular video that was shared by user @mgly22594 a few days ago. It's been viewed 2.4 million times and has over 10k comments.

In the clip, Meg and Emma discuss a message that was sent by a TikTok user: "He said he 'wanted to give rainbow kisses', and I said 'this sounds very lovely, I do like rainbows but no thank you.'"

Emma then asks: "Do you know what rainbow kisses are?" She then tells Meg to look it up, before recording her completely shocked and appalled reaction, adding: "Why would you think that's ok to send someone you don't know!?"

The TikTok doesn't reveal what the meaning of the term is, prompting thousands of people to start looking it up themselves. (Of course, the comment section is pure chaos too, with people reacting to the meaning and agreeing with Meg's reaction.)

For those who do want to know what it means, brace yourselves. The explicit term refers to a simultaneous oral sex act involving a heterosexual couple, while the female partner is on her period. Afterwards, the couple then kiss and swap their bodily fluids. (For a more detailed description of the act, you can read it on Urban Dictionary.)

While it's recently gone viral again, the phrase has been floating around TikTok for a while thanks to a trend where users google the term and then record themselves reacting to its meaning.

And there you have it... you probably wish you never clicked to find out now, huh?

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