The "pregnant with me" meme will make you rethink your entire existence

26 March 2019, 17:54

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The internet has given birth to a new pregnant meme and itโ€™s hilarious...

A new strain of pregnant memes are breaking the internet and they are iconic.

We are only three months into 2019 and it has already provided us with some of the funniest viral content of all time. It's hard to believe it but this month alone we've already seen everything from the Florida Man challenge (we are still creasing up over this one) to I'm baby (a gem). Not to mention, we were bombarded with Shane Dawson cat memes (the less said about that the better). Still it's this new pregnant meme that is really sending us.

Check out the funniest "pregnant with me" memes below.

The funniest "pregnant with me" memes breaking the internet
The funniest "pregnant with me" memes breaking the internet. Picture: YouTube: Kylie Jenner // BET // Twitter

The meme started out simple and then, like all great works of viral art, it quickly took on an life of its own. In its original form, all you have to do is tweet "my mom when she was pregnant with me" and accompany it with a diagram of dashes lined up to look like a pregnant belly, plus something to resemble you. Popular versions so far include thinks like "mistake" and the clown emoji.

Sure enough people soon started applying the meme to people who are not their mums (Gaga, Ariana and Spongebob have all been given the pregnant meme treatment) and it eventually evolved into people using the format to refer to their stomachs in general. Confused? No need to worry. We've scoured gathered together just a few of the funniest "pregnant with me" memes.

The meme is not for the faint of heart.

Oh dear.

There seems to be a common theme.

Takes one to give birth to one.

When you do clownery...

...the clown comes back to bite.

Some are more positive though.

Facts are facts.

Well not many.

That didn't last long.

All my country folk can I get a yee haw.


A crossover meme was born.

I'm baby will never die.

The meme is inclusive.


Then there are those who aren't pregnant at all.


I did not ask to be read like this.

Leave me alone.

This one is oddly specific.

If you know, you know.

A moment for Spongebob.

The meme doesn't lie.

This took a dark turn.

Very dark.

At least this Gaga one is wholesome.


In the end they are mostly like this though...

...we need to log off.