2019's biggest Oscar nomination snubs have inspired the funniest memes

23 January 2019, 17:25

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Fans are not happy with some of the snubs in this year's Oscar nominations...

It's official. Awards season is here and we're living for it. Over the past few weeks alone, we've been blessed with everything from Olivia Colman calling Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz her "bitches" at the Golden Globes to those brilliant Lady Gaga "we didn't say that" red carpet memes. Not to mention, we've still got the Grammys, the Brits AND the Oscars to come in February.

And now the Academy Award nominations are finally in. Black Panther just made Oscars history as the first superhero film to be nominated for Best Picture and living legend Regina King just earned her first Academy Award nomination for her role as Sharon Rivers in If Beale Street Could Talk. However, it wouldn't be the Oscars without snubs and there are a couple of big ones.

Check out the funniest 2019 Oscar snub memes below.

The funniest 2019 Oscar nomination snub memes
The funniest 2019 Oscar nomination snub memes. Picture: Isabel Infantes/PA Wire/PA Images // A24

Toni Colette was robbed of a Best Actress nomination for her performance in Hereditary, Timothée Chalamet missed out on a Best Actor nomination for Beautiful Boy and Bradley Cooper didn't get a Best Director nomination for A Star Is Born. Not to mention, Widows, Crazy Rich Asians, Sorry to Bother You and Eighth Grade were all ignored in spite of critical acclaim.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the funniest reactions and memes to this year's Oscar snubs.

Some people have taken matters into their own hands.

A for effort.

Timothée Chalamet hive is not messing around.

Why is this accurate?

At least fans are offering support.


Now can we talk about Toni Colette?

Points were made.

Let's change this.

It can't be that hard, right?

Also we need this to happen.


A moment of silence for Bradley Cooper.

Or a moment of screaming.

We wonder how he reacted.


Widows had an all-star cast at their best and yet...

...the clownery.

Did the Academy even watch Crazy Rich Asians?


...or Sorry to Bother You?

This film snapped.

Let's discuss Eighth Grade too.


Unfortunately great art often goes unrewarded...

I don't know a better song.

...and sometimes art is just ahead of its time.

If you know, you know.