23 On My Block memes you'll only understand if season 2 emotionally ruined you

1 April 2019, 10:26

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The best memes and online reactions to On My Block season 2. From Monse and Cesar to Ruby and Jasmine, fans gave everyone the meme treatment. Jamal and his roller world fortune definitely weren't spared either.

On My Block returned to Netflix for season 2 at the end of March and viewers were finally able to process Olivia's tragic fate. Fans also got to see how Ruby, Cesar, Jamal, and Monse were dealing with the fall out from the shooting. Ruby's PTSD added a new layer of emotion for viewers and Jasmine became so much more than the comic relief in season 2.

On My Block season 2 memes were spot on as fans reacted to the new series. Here are some of the unbeatable memes and tweets about the newest season of the show.

Will On My Block be renewed for season 3?

There are only two moods while watching On My Block: laughing hysterically or crying hysterically.

On My Block's dynamic writing struck the perfect balance between carrying serious emotional weight and creating some light moments for the characters. Ruby, Cesar, Jamal, and Monse are all recovering from the shooting but fans were still treated to moments that made them laugh and cry along with their favourite characters.

And shout out to my "finished it in one day" crew

It was way too easy to get through all 10 episodes of On My Block season 2. RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU AGREE.

Miss Amber was quite the character.

But Jasmine was the real MVP

Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) was great in season 1 but her support of Ruby in season 2 introduced audiences to an incredible dynamic that will hopefully be continued in season 3.

And the kids' plan to wash the money was truly iconic.

When it came to Cesar and Monse's relationship, fans were going THROUGH IT

Cesar and Monse struggled a lot in season 2. Their relationship took serious turns and, in the end, the pair had a lot to overcome.

We NEED to talk about Spooky and Cesar's bait and switch

And I swear we're all gonna be talking to our therapists about THAT final scene.

On My Block ended its second season on yet another cliffhanger. Unfortunately, it looks like fans have to wait at least a year to find out the fate of their favourite Freeridge residents.

Knowing there's a long wait before season 3 of On My Block makes the ending hit even harder.

On My Block season 2 had plenty of moments that left fans laughing, crying, and wanting more. The Netflix show may not be back for a while but the memes are forever.

What do you guys think? What was your favourite part of On My Block season 2?