Trans Tiktok star Nosebleedfitz thanks fans after they raise enough money to fund her entire transition

6 April 2021, 17:26

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Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"I truly can't thank everyone enough for donating. My entire transition has been paid for"

TikTok star Nosebleedfitz has raised over £20,000 toward her gender transition fund.

Fans of Nosebleedfitz, real name Bella Misandria Wardle Fitzpatrick, have been donating to the fund since the GoFundMe campaign was launched back in January, and now Bella has confirmed that she's hit her target.

After just one day, Bella was able to use the funds raised to book her first appointment. Writing on the GoFundMe page, she wrote: "I can’t believe your generosity has allowed me to book & pay for my first appointment within a week of making the GoFundMe. It’s absolutely crazy & it honestly hasn’t even sank in yet - I’m just lost for words. Forever grateful that you are literally giving me my life. All my love to every single one of you."

Now Bella has hit her final target of £20,000, she has opened up about what it means to hit that milestone.

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Nosebleedfitz. Picture: Nosebleedfitz TikTok/Instagram

Speaking to the Daily Star, Bella said: "My socks have just been blown completely off. I truly can't thank everyone enough for donating. My entire transition has been paid for."

She then said: "I know I'm very privileged to have the platform that I have, and having such a high following for around eight months before I made the page definitely helped.

"I want everyone to know just how much I appreciate it. I've never directly asked anyone to donate to it, I just made the page and everyone has been amazing and so supportive."

Over on Twitter, Bella has been spreading the love even further by starting a thread to encourage her followers to donate to other queer-related funds, saying: "You’ve give me the world & I want to share the love we’ve culminated here!"

We love to see it.