People are asking "would you still love me if I had no skin" and the answers will have you crying

30 January 2019, 17:06

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

People are testing their relationships by asking one weird question. "Would you still fancy me if I didn't have any skin?" A Twitter user shared his experience after his girflriend asked him the skin question and now other Twitter users are sharing the hilarious responses they received from their own partners and friends.

Be honest. Would you still love your significant other if they had no skin? Like, if they were all muscle and blood? Twitter user @niall_gee recently opened up about having an argument over the conundrum and it might just be the hardest question you've literally never thought of until this exact moment.

"I cannot believe I just had an argument with my girlfriend bc I said I wouldn’t fancy her if she didn’t have any skin," @niall_gee tweeted. The tweet soon racked up thousands of likes, retweets, and responses as people pondered the question themselves.

Of course, the strange question soon became a meme with people hilariously asking their friends and partners if they would still love them if they had no skin.

Some of their loved ones had logical answers to the "no skin" question.

And some people were brutally honest.

"Not in public". WELL! We admire the honesty.

Did all the replies make sense? No! Were they still kind of sweet? Yes!

Not everyone got the answer they were looking for.

And sometimes, you just accept that not everyone can handle the "no skin" lifestyle.

In conclusion, the "would you still love me if I had no skin?" meme has people asking their partners and friends the important and hard hitting questions.

Now, it's time to open your texts, hit up your best pal or SO and find out if they would still love you if you were simply muscle, tissue, and blood. Go forth and bother the ones you love.

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