25 Love Is Blind memes that prove it’s the best show on Netflix

26 February 2020, 14:39

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Netflix's newest dating show, Love Is Blind, has seen six couples get engaged before actually getting to meet each other. The internet has since gone wild for the show, and brought us the best memes of the year so far.

What did we do before Love Is Blind? The new Netflix dating show has sparked conversations everywhere about just how quickly can you fall in love with someone...without actually meeting them? 36 minutes apparently.

And while we've been closely following the lives of six engaged couples getting to know each other before tying the knot, we've also spent many, many hours, scrolling through social media and laughing out loud at some of the meme gold that the internet has produced.

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Because what isn't hilarious about a dog sharing a wine glass with its owner? (We're looking at you, Jessica)

Netflix dating show Love Is Blind puts a group of 30 singles together, in the hope that they will find love, without ever meeting each other.
Netflix dating show Love Is Blind puts a group of 30 singles together, in the hope that they will find love, without ever meeting each other. . Picture: NETFLIX/NBC

With Lauren and Cameron, Amber and Barnett, Jessica and Mark, Kelly and Kenny and Damian and Gigi on the cards to be together forever, it's only a matter of time before we find out what goes down in the final episode, despite it being filmed back in 2018. Oh, and we want them all to have their own spin-off shows. Please, Netflix.

But, while we're already waiting for confirmation of a second season, we've tracked down the best of the best in Love Is Blind memes to keep you entertained...you're welcome.


Firstly, it's time for a little home truths...

Is this a personal attack?

Did Jessica mention that she's older than Mark?

We must've missed that the first 50 times. She's 34 and he's 24, if you're wondering.

But we all know it only takes 36 minutes to fall in love.

Jokes aside, we are high-key routing for Lauren and Cameron to stay together 4eva.

The only people they're playing is themselves...

Those pod interiors do look pretty damn cosy.

And somehow we're still obsessed with every single member of the cast.

Jessica's dog Payton's birthday party in 2017? Oh yeah we saw that.

Oh well, we're in this rollercoaster ride now...

Is someone going to tell Mark to open his eyes?

Our favourite cast member? Jessica's golden retriever Payton.

No questions, please.

Please don't feed your dogs wine, though.

Payton is obviously a lot more experienced than the rest of the world's dogs.

"Not all men are the same" Oh YEAH?

Although no offence to Cameron because we would literally die for him.

If you didn't hear the first time, we'll bring it up again.

It's what Jessica would want.

The savagery never stops in this show...

We've gotta admit Damian held his tongue exceptionally well here...yikes.

Can you believe Cameron bought a whole house for his future wife?

It's our home now.

Love Is Blind or The Office?

You can have both. At the same time.

Only real relationships know.

The world does not deserve you, Cameron. *sobs*

But lets not forget the engaged couples who got cut from the show after a couple of episodes

Justice for Westley and Rory! We already know you forgot about them too.

...And the engaged couples who didn't quite work out

Diamond and Carlton were in for a rough ride at the pool side.

This is the content we came for.

When life imitates art.

And we can't wait to do it all over again in season 2!

If you need us, we'll be banging on the doors at Netflix HQ.