Sasuke memes are going viral and they will make you choke with laughter

17 January 2019, 17:40

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Everyone is choking Sasuke in this hilarious 'Naruto' anime meme...

2019 is really serving on the meme front. We may only be a few weeks into the new year but in that short time we've already been blessed with some of the funniest viral content that the internet has ever produced. Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes? She's been memed. The great war of Marie Kondo and book hoarders? An iconic meme. Kylie Jenner versus the egg? The wildest meme of the year so far.

However, it is this Sasuke meme which is truly breaking the internet right now. Sasuke, for those of you who don't know, is a beloved anime character from the popular Japanese manga series Naruto. Sasuke is known for making it his life mission to kill his older brother Itachi who slaughtered their clan. And now Naruto fans have turned a scene of Itachi choking Sasuke into a hilarious meme.

Check out the funniest choking Sasuke memes below.

Everyone is choking Sasuke and the memes are hilarious
Everyone is choking Sasuke and the memes are hilarious. Picture: Nickelodeon // Cartoon Network

Obviously the original context of the Naruto scene is sad af but the memes that it has inspired are anything but, and they are so easy to make. All you have to do is take a still of Sasuke being choked, and then align it with a picture of anyone you like so that it looks like they are choking Sasuke instead of Itachi. Confused? We have gathered together the funniest choking Sasuke memes below.

Peppa Pig is having none of it.

Sasuke probably told her she couldn't whistle.

Gordon Ramsay isn't a fan either.


Sharpay Evans couldn't risk Sasuke stealing her part in the school musical.


Marie Kondo has issues with him too.


Drake and Josh made it's way into the meme.


Judge Judy too.

Sasuke must have done something really bad.

Shrek isn't feeling him.

11/10 pun game here.

Mr. Moseby will not tolerate Sasuke's shenanigans.

Of course.

This brings a whole new meaning to 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

Mind blown.

This took an unexpected turn.

Sasuke will see you now.

Obviously Marge Simpson reigns supreme though.

Ageless queen.

Sasuke really has a lot of enemies.

Poor Sasuke.

Twitter is not a safe place for him.

Time for a social media clense hun.

In conclusion...