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4 October 2023, 20:09

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Do y’all ever think about how Mr Beast mildly tortures people for money and poses it as entertainment."

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Would you spend 100 days in a room with a random stranger in order to win $500,000? That's the question MrBeast is currently asking his followers as he teases his latest absolutely wild challenge.

If you're familiar with MrBeast, then you'll be more than familiar with his viral YouTube challenges. From his big-budget recreation of Squid Game (don't worry, no one was killed!), to his gruelling Circle Challenge and Girls vs. Boys videos, the creator loves to test people's endurance skills and determination.

But his latest challenge is garnering quite a bit of backlash from people on social media who think it might be a bit too extreme.

MrBeast's latest challenge is facing backlash from critics
MrBeast's latest challenge is facing backlash from critics. Picture: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic, @mrbeast via YouTube

MrBeast's latest challenge requires two complete strangers to spend 100 days (that's around three months and two weeks) shut in a room together.

In his tweet, he explains that the door to the room will be unlocked the entire time, but if one of the contestants leaves before the 100 day mark, they will both lose the money.

In the photo that MrBeast shared, the minimalistic room – which is completely white, with blue accent lighting – contains two mirrors, a small sink area with a water machine, two basic beds and a door to a shared restroom.

On paper, it doesn't sound too bad. Sitting in a room doing nothing for $500,000? The majority of his fans replied to the tweet clamouring for the chance to take part.

But 100 days is a long time, and with presumably no use of mobile phones, laptops or other electronics, no contact with the outside world aside from those running the challenge, no sunlight, no fresh air, all while having to live in close quarters with some random person who you might end up hating? Others think it sounds like a nightmare.

"Psychologically damaging people with the promise of money for a YouTube video is insane actually," one Twitter user commented.

Another added: "Do y’all ever think about how Mr Beast mildly tortures people for money and poses it as entertainment."

"100 days... Being confined to a single place for that long with someone else potentially leaving and ruin the monetary reward could have serious physical and psychological consequences. This sounds like a bad idea," a third person wrote.

Summing up the escalation of Mr. Beast's YouTube videos, another tweet read: "I had a feeling we were close to a landmark court case caused by Mr Beast creating a second Stanford Prison Experiment."

Based on Mr. Beast's reply to his own tweet, it looks like the "experiment" is officially underway. We guess we'll find out how it went in about... 100 days time?

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