Study names YouTuber as most popular job for children when they grow up

2 November 2021, 16:54

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Doctor and footballer have ranked second and third place on the survey.

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What did you want to be when you grew up? A firefighter? Ballerina? Astronaut, perhaps? Well, times have changed. According to a recent survey, becoming a YouTuber has been named the most desired career path for children when they grow up.

Thanks to the popularity of social media and the hyper visibility of YouTubers, a YouTube career has become more lucrative than a traditional role. In 2020 alone, Ryan Kaji earned $29.5 million from his YouTube channel, Forbes reports. He's 10!!!

A survey of 1,000 British children aged between five and seven from dolls' pram expert Play Like Mum, found that a YouTuber was the most popular career path. YouTuber was followed closely by doctor and then a professional footballer, which was the chosen career path of 18% of the boys.

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Shane Dawson, Nikkie de Jager and Jenna Marbles.
Shane Dawson, Nikkie de Jager and Jenna Marbles. Picture: shane via YouTube, NikkieTutorials via YouTube, Jenna Marbles via YouTube

Becoming a vet was deemed most popular job for young girls coming in at 17%. More than 1 in 10 children surveyed revealed they want to become a vet when they grow up, with police officer coming in at number 5.

Research also found that children are influenced by their parents and grandparents roles as 19% aspired to be like their mum and dad when they grow up, while 4% look up to their grandparents. "Role models do an incredible job to help inspire younger generations and teach them important skills and life lessons," Andrew Coplestone, founder of the specialist dolls pram maker Play Like Mum, said.

"Many children will act out and play like their role models when they are pushing our prams as the pram play helps to build their imagination skills, whether that be by looking up to their parents or grandparents to imitate, or by being inspired by their role models, including class teachers, professional football players, or even their favourite YouTube star."


Here's the Top 10 jobs kids want to do when they grow up

1) YouTuber

2) Doctor

3) Footballer

4) Vet

5) Police Officer

6) Teacher

7) Performer

8) Firefighter

9) Hairdresser

10) Builder

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