Everyone is losing it over Mia Goth's real voice

11 November 2022, 17:10

Watch Mia Goth in the Pearl trailer

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

No. That is not Peppa Pig. That is what Mia Goth actually sounds like.

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Mia Goth is breaking the internet and it's all because people can't believe what the film star's real voice actually sounds like.

Mia Goth is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood. This year alone, the 29-year-old has appeared in not one but two critically acclaimed horror films. X and its recent prequel Pearl have garnered widespread praise, with Variety even suggesting that Mia deserves an Academy Award nomination for her performances as Pearl.

Nevertheless, many fans of both X and Pearl have apparently never actually heard Mia speak in her real voice until recently. Mia has an American accent in X and Pearl but in real life she is British. Not only that but fans have compared her voice to Peppa Pig.

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Mia Goth's real voice is breaking the internet
Mia Goth's real voice is breaking the internet. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, W via YouTube

Earlier this week (Nov 8), a Mia Goth fan shared an old video of Mia from 2016 on Twitter. In the clip, Mia speaks to W about what she would do if she wasn't an actress. However, it's not what Mia says that has captured the internet's attention; it's her voice. In fact, her voice is so surprising that the clip has now been viewed 7.5 million times on Twitter alone.

In one viral tweet, reacting to the video one person said: "mia goth has the voice and mannerisms of someone who would faint in the presence of blood and then gets on screen and is the creepiest little fuck you’ve ever seen. now that’s some goddamn acting."

Another wrote, "Mia goth speaks like a rich sickly victorian child who lives in a slightly haunted house," and third added: "erm i did not expect her to sound like peppa pig".

As it stands, Mia is yet to react to the viral tweets. We shall update you if she does.

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