Lady Gaga's ARTPOP tweet has inspired so many savage memes

12 November 2019, 21:32

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith


Lady Gaga is currently in the midst of a Twitter war with... her own fans. Well, when I say Twitter war, I mean it's totally one-sided and her fans are now dragging her for slandering her third studio album, ARTPOP.

Released in 2013, ARTPOP spawned hits such as 'Applause' and the controversial single 'Do What U Want' featuring R. Kelly. At the start of the year, Gaga apologised for working with him and removed the duet from all streaming platforms and iTunes. The era also gave us some of Gaga's most impressive lewks and incredible performances.

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Despite the mixed reviews, ARTPOP was a commercial success and is highly appreciated by Gaga's fans. So imagine their surprise when Mother Monster herself logged on and slandered the talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique body of work they love so much.

Upon reading the "i don’t remember ARTPOP" that started it all, the internet quickly turned their outrage into content... Here are some of the best #JusticeForARTPOP memes.

This is not how any of us expected our day to go...

She's a different person to who she was 6 years ago.

I hate to say it, I hope I don't sound ridiculous but...

I don't know who this album is.


I just-

ARTPOP was minding her own business and staying in her lane when Gaga ripped the rug out from under.

I'm sorry buy Sexxx Dreams and G.U.Y. are God tier.

Thoughts are with the ARTPOP stans tonight.

We all remember ARTPOP.

Someone get Rihanna on the phone, I bet SHE remembers ARTPOP.

This slander will not be tolerated.

You don't have to do this, Gaga.


Despite the memes, some fans were quick to defend Gaga and point out that that particular era was a tough time for her. Gaga spoke extensively about how she felt throughout the ARTPOP movement. From her own mental health to the way the media treated her at that time, it's no surprise that she feels like she doesn't really remember it.

Whether Gaga decides to remember ARTPOP once again or opts to continue with her incredible trolling on Twitter, fans will no doubt have the album soaring up the charts within the next 48 hours.

ARTPOP will be remembered.