The Kamala Harris waving meme is going viral and it is way too accurate

31 July 2019, 14:44

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A video of Sen. Kamala Harris waving has been turned into a meme and people can't get enough of the truly relatable clip.

Democratic presidential hopeful, Senator Kamala Harris is having a viral moment following a video of her earnestly waving at an unseen crowd. The video has inspired a ton of new memes and people can't get enough of the surprisingly relatable moment.

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The original video of Sen. Kamala Harris waving came from a June 2019 visit to the Homestead detention centre in Homestead, Florida, where she promised to shut down private detention facilities if elected.

Of course, the clip has made the rounds on social media with very little context and people are turning the seemingly heartfelt moment into a meme.

From keeping shenanigans secret from our friends and family to making a mistake and having to roll with the consequences, people are definitely seeing themselves in the video of Senator Harris waving.

Waving down your Uber driver for a very important meeting.


I'll see you all at Area 51.

It really be ya own dog.

My bank account said "YOU THOUGHT"



One of the top 10 most awkward things in the known universe.

Higher education in one tweet.



Another day, another meme about someone running for the highest office in the United States.