21 memes about June 21st following Boris Johnson's lockdown announcement

23 February 2021, 13:00

Pubs and restaurants to open from 12 April outside

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Here's all the funniest memes about June 21st following Boris Johnson's lockdown roadmap announcement.

You hear that? It's the sweet sound of freedom. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced that on June 21 we will finally be free from lockdown restrictions following the mass roll out of the coronavirus vaccine and the internet can't contain its excitement.

What's happening on June 21st?

On Monday (Feb 22), Boris Johnson revealed his roadmap to finally get Britain out of lockdown. Schools will open on March 8, salons and gyms will be welcoming us back on April 12 and, perhaps most importantly, nightclubs will finally be opening their doors on June 21.

It's not only clubs, though. Mass gatherings will also be allowed, which means the highly-anticipated return of big events like festivals and concerts.

By the time the clubs open again it would have been over a year since we graced the dance floor, been within touching distance of a stranger or listened to music that hasn't been played through our Spotify. Bliss.

This is all subject to review, of course, depending on the coronavirus cases. It doesn't matter, though, the internet can taste freedom and the memes are rolling in. Here are the best June 21 memes.

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The memes about June 21 are honestly out of control
The memes about June 21 are honestly out of control. Picture: CBS, Leon Neal - WPA Pool/Getty Images

We're actually going to be free and we don't know how to act.

So, what's everyone wearing on June 21?

When the lights come on in the club we're still dancing, ok?

We're never leaving before 3am again...

…ok we lied, we're still leaving the club early.

Please, this is a no judgement zone.

The aftermath of June 21 is going to be absolute carnage.


Some think it might all be too good to be true.

Boris hasn't ruled out Lockdown 4.0.

Only 118 days to go. The countdown starts now.