JoJo Siwa has ditched her iconic bow and ponytail and fans are shook

22 April 2020, 12:21

JoJo Siwa shows fans what she looks like without her ponytail in TikTok video

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa has ditched her iconic bow and ponytail look in favour of a more natural new look while in quarantine - and she looks seriously grown up.

Pioneer of the JoJo bow and YouTube's craziest success story, JoJo Siwa, may have finally left her iconic look behind in favour of something new and a little more natural. Yep. Just when you thought this year couldn't get any weirder.

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The 16 year old dancer-turned-influencer has racked up a pretty impressive 11 million subscribers on YouTube with her larger than life personality and more recently, the pretty bold interior of the huge house she bought with her bow-selling money. Not too bad.

JoJo is close to celebrating her 17th birthday, so treated fans to a more natural, grown up look.
JoJo is close to celebrating her 17th birthday, so treated fans to a more natural, grown up look. Picture: Amy Sussman/Getty Images/JoJo Siwa via TikTok

However, the neon bow and ponytail combo that made her famous may finally be on its way out, because JoJo has shocked fans by revealing a more natural side of herself on TikTok.

With her hair down and natural curls out, for probably the first time ever since her stint on Dance Moms age 11, the 'High Top Shoes' singer looks almost unrecognisable - and totally grown up.

After asking her 19 million followers what they'd want to see her do if they could pick anything, she later posted a video in various glitzy costumes that ended with her in a simple t-shirt and wavy hair that had everyone shook.

It seems like fans are loving her new look with over 39,000 comments praising her natural hair: "YAASSSS! LET THAT BEAUTIFUL HAIR FLOW!! (But only if that's what you want to do. No pressure)", one wrote, while another admitted: "I never thought I'd see the day...this hairstyle really suits you."

While everyone has unanimously decided that JoJo is not only a marketing genius age 16, but also a low-key baddie in the making, some fans have been quick to point out that with her 17th birthday approaching, her traditional crazy looks are merely just for show, and could soon leave her bold style behind to take on a more grown-up persona.

Have you seen her Tesla? We highly doubt that.

Either way, she looks incredible showing fans a different side to her, but if she wants to keep doing tours of her decked-out mansion with gumball machines and sequin wallpaper - we're definitely not mad about that either.

Keep doing you, JoJo!

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