Jeffree Star says he had thoughts about transitioning on Trisha Paytas' podcast

19 December 2019, 15:07

Jeffree shared his journey with his own gender identity for the first time on Trisha's podcast, The Dish With Trish.

Jeffree Star recently joined Trisha Paytas on her new podcast, 'The Dish With Trish', and they both sat down to discuss their scandals, cancel culture, their beefs, their sex lives and their personal lives.

The conversations were frank and honest, some were explicit and some were pretty eye-opening. During the podcast, Jeffree asked Trisha about the "brutal" comments she received after posting her recent "I am transgender" video.

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While discussing what went down, Jeffree also opened up about his journey with his own gender identity and said that he once thought about whether he should transition.

Jeffree Star at RuPaul's Drag Con
Jeffree Star at RuPaul's Drag Con. Picture: Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Discussing the backlash around Trisha's story, Jeffree opened up about his own experience. “When you brought up the question and said the word transgender, the whole internet shut down for the day," he said. "It was so brutal, it was crazy how quick like, people were so vicious without asking any questions. It was just immediate judgement like, vicious.”

Jeffree is referring to the backlash and criticism that Trisha received following her video in which she said she is "transgender female to male" but still identifies with her "natural born gender." Trisha later defended her video on Twitter and Instagram. She also appeared on The Doctors to explain her comments further.

Speaking candidly for the first time about his own experiences, Jeffree then said: “I’ve never said this on camera before and I’m not ashamed by it but no one’s ever asked me. So, I used to have thoughts of ‘I am transgender? Should I transition? Am I supposed to be a woman?'"

"I had so many thoughts in my head because I’ve always been really feminine," he continued. "And I didn’t understand that I could be a male and wear makeup and feminine clothes and not be a woman. I was confused.”

Jeffree explained that people would call him a "cross-dresser", to which he would reply: "Uhhh, I'm just Jeffree. I like looking like this." He then continued: “I was so confused mentally for years and I really thought about transitioning.”

Trisha then asks Jeffree how old he was when he began questioning his gender and he replied, “19, 20.”

Speaking about where he is in his life now, Jeffree said: “I’m 34 now and I’m really comfortable in my skin and I know I’m supposed to be, like, this is who I am. But I was so confused and conflicted back then.”

The two then touched on Trisha's history with trolling and clickbait on YouTube and how that affected the response to her 'I am transgender' video.

Listen to the whole episode with Trisha and Jeffree here.