Jeffree Star has shaved his head

15 March 2021, 13:10

Jeffree Star shows off his shaved head and announces new era

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Jeffree Star is officially bald. Well, kind of.

Jeffree Star has debuted a dramatic new look after shaving his head.

When Jeffree's not wearing colourful wigs, the YouTuber is known for having shoulder-length blonde hair. In 2016, Jeffree famously had surgery to fix his hairline, which he said had been receding since he was in high school. "I've hated my hair line since I was in 9th grade. My parents have bad hair genes and it carries over," he wrote on Instagram in 2016.

"To be able to fix something that has bothered me for so long is a blessing because I never dreamed of it ever changing! This hair is genetically programmed not to fall out. These hairs are permanent."

On Sunday (Mar 14), Jeffree unveiled a bright pink buzzcut to usher in a new era. "That hair was dead… BUT BITCH I’M ALIVE. Hi... The new STAR ERA has just been activated," he said, alongside a video revealing his new look.

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Jeffree Star has shaved his head
Jeffree Star has shaved his head. Picture: @jeffreestar via Instagram

In the clip, Jeffree wore a Versace robe and his old 'do until he grabbed a pair of clippers and started taking off chunks of his blonde hair. He then ripped off his robe and revealed his brand new pink hair.

But what brought on Jeffree's new look? Well, apparently he has something huge coming. "The Star era has been reset, the new era is upon us, I am so excited for what is about to happen this week there's a lot happening," he revealed on Instagram Stories.

Jeffree Star's hair
Jeffree Star's hair. Picture: @jeffreestar via Instagram

"I'm really excited for this next moment, this next launch and if you've watched my last video you'll know I've been going through a lot."

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