Jeffree Star fans call out website re-selling his 'products' for a higher price

3 December 2019, 15:25

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

A new website pretending to be Jeffree Star Cosmetics is selling more expensive versions of Jeffree's most popular items.

Jeffree Star fans have found a fake Jeffree Star Cosmetics site that's copying and/or reselling his products to profit off them.

Jeffree Star has had a busy few weeks. After launching his Conspiracy collaboration with Shane Dawson, the popular beauty YouTuber literally broke the internet. The entire collection sold out in mere hours and demand was so high that some people only received their orders almost a month later.

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Since then, Jeffree has released a handful of products to celebrate the five year anniversary of his beauty brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics, including a $50 'Extreme Frost' highlighter. Now, fans have noticed that Jeffree is being ripped off by a website pretending to be Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Jeffree Star fans call out website re-selling his 'makeup' at higher prices
Jeffree Star fans call out website re-selling his 'makeup' at higher prices. Picture: Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage,

Yesterday (Dec 2), a fan of Jeffree tweeted: "Hey @JeffreeStar there’s this website that has 100% cloned your website and is “selling” your products." She then included a link to the site: "", alongside a series of photos showing what items the page sells and how similar it looks to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics site. The images show that the page even uses professional photos of Jeffree, his products and his logo from his own site.

And, sure enough, if you visit FITSLIVE it's laid out to look like it's really Jeffree Star Cosmetics. It also includes sections for Lips, Highlighters, Accessories, the Jawbreaker Collection, Fashion and Eyes. Not only that but all of the sections sell more expensive versions of Jeffree's most popular items, including his Skin Frost Highlighter (for $33 instead of $29) and his Lip Ammunition shades (for $22 instead of $18).

It's currently unclear if the site is selling fake versions of Jeffree's products, re-selling his actual products at a higher price or scamming people out of money and not selling anything at all. Under the 'Contact Us' section on the site, the company lists that it's based in China and run by someone named Wei Gangyi.

It's illegal to sell products that haven't been animal tested in China (Jeffree's are all vegan and cruelty-free) so it's possible that the website is trying to sell to Chinese Jeffree fans who can't order from his website. Now fans are rallying together to alert Jeffree to what's happening.

In case you were wondering, Jeffree has a master list of all Jeffree Star Approved official retailers on his website that you can find here. Fitslive is not on the list.

As it stands, Jeffree hasn't publicly addressed the fake website. We shall update you if he does.