Jeffree Star denies he faked his car accident for publicity

20 April 2021, 11:54

Jeffree Star addresses claims his car accident was fake

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"To sell some weed merch? Sell some bathrobes and some weed jars? Are you guys out of your fucking minds?"

Jeffree Star has hit back at claims that he faked his recent car crash to create publicity for his latest product launch.

On Friday (Apr 16), Jeffree revealed that he had been involved in a car accident with his friend Daniel Lucas. The YouTuber's Rolls Royce hit black ice and flipped three times.

Jeffree was left with a broken back following the collision and will now have to wear a back brace for several months. Meanwhile, Daniel remains in hospital because he is a three-times cancer survivor and has to have surgery.

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Jeffree Star denies he faked his car accident for publicity.
Jeffree Star denies he faked his car accident for publicity. Picture: @jeffreestar via Instagram, @JeffreeStar via Twitter

Jeffree and Daniel said they've been harshly trolled since the crash, with people saying they should have died. Others have also thought that Jeffree may have faked the car accident, which happened to occur only a few days before the launch of his new marijuana-related merch store Star Lounge.

People have questioned some of Jeffree's injuries. For example, despite the severity of the crash he doesn't appear to have any visible cuts, bruises or grazes. He was also seen walking around his hospital room on social media despite having a broken back. Others have questioned the fact that, despite being hospitalised, Jeffree still promoted the launch of his new products and YouTube video.

Jeffree has now hit back at people accusing him of faking the crash after multiple publications requested that he comment on the claims. "That was one of the worst experiences of my life, so let's just take a little pause and think about… I just don't get it," he explained on Instagram Stories.

Jeffree's friend Britney, who had flown in from Massachusetts, then added: "I feel like a gentle reminder here that mental health is very important and we're abusing each other when we have thoughts like this and it's actually really dark. We should all just be grateful to be alive."

Jeffree then said Daniel was being harassed with messages asking if Jeffree had faked the accident to sell his new Star Lounge merch. He added: "To sell some weed merch? Sell some fucking bathrobes and some weed jars? Are you guys out of your fucking minds? So whoever is thinking of even writing a story like that, or you already have, you're fucking awful." Brittany then interjected: "Check your morals!"

Jeffree Star was left with a broken back following the accident
Jeffree Star was left with a broken back following the accident. Picture: @JeffreeStar via Twitter

He continued: "Sometimes you guys it just gets frustrating when people are just so vicious. I think my real friends and family are having a hard time even seeing stuff like that. So don't write my mum on Facebook, don't write my cousins, don't hit up my friends and try and act like there's a conspiracy. Shit happens, it was a fucking horrible accident.

"And me? You know the show will always continue for me bitch. I'm a fucking business mogul and I'm not just going to sit in bed and whine all day. I've had a launch planned for six months. I know it's not that deep. Free publicity? For some fucking weed merch? Like, my brain can't even process it. There's a whole sick other side of the internet."

Later, Jeffree clapped back at the accusation that his crash photos were fake, sharing images of his two Rolls Royce's parked in his garage before the accident. He tweeted: "People are really sick in the fucking head. I’ve been told my crash photos were fake and not mine because Jeffree Star doesn’t have a black car!! If I don’t post something, that means it’s not real right??? I’ve had both cars for months. Let me heal and stop being evil!!!!"