James Charles says it took a year for fans to see he was “innocent” in Tati Westbrook drama

17 July 2020, 14:48

James Charles goes viral with Drake cover in new TikTok video

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"My drama happened last year and it's still happening to this day. A year later, it's finally coming out that like, 'Oh, James was innocent the entire time.'"

A few weeks after the release of Tati Westbrook's 'Breaking My Silence' video, James Charles has indirectly addressed the reaction to the situation on Logan Paul's podcast.

Back in June, Tati dropped yet another explosive video, explaining that she had made up with James following their huge fall out in 2019 while also claiming that Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson "manipulated" her into posting the video.

Tati explained that James initially wanted to be part of the video, but she decided to go ahead with it on her own. Since the release, James hasn't really addressed it, and has avoided commenting on Shane's current scandal when questioned by the paparazzi. Now, he's opening up about it on Impaulsive.

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As well as chat about James' love life and talk of a very lucrative offer from OnlyFans, James discusses cancel culture with the Impaulsive team, the effect it had on him and how, one year later, people are now just starting to realise that he is not the person he was made out to be following the events of 2019's 'dramageddon'.

James Charles on Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast
James Charles on Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast. Picture: James Charles via Instagram, Impaulsive via YouTube

"I've been cancelled many times before," James said. "Last year's drama was the biggest thing the internet has ever seen. It was on every single mainstream outlet ever."

When asked about whether cancel culture is a good or bad thing, he continues: "I think cancel culture is f*cking stupid. I think that people learn through ignorance. I think it's ridiculous to assume that everyone is just these amazing, woke, all-knowledgable people that can know every detail in all history, surrounding all issues. That's f*cking crazy."

Logan brings up Shane's recent drama, but James does not directly respond to his comment.

He echoes the same sentiments that he told the paparazzi a few weeks ago (July 8): "You really have to look at each situation as a case by case basis and see like, if somebody does make a mistake, sure it's gonna suck and sure they deserve to be called out for it but they deserve to be called out for it and educated so they're able to hopefully do better next time.

"And then if they continue to not do better, then it's a situation where you as a viewer can decide I no longer wanna support this person because they don't align with my morals."

While he doesn't directly address Tati's 'Breaking My Silence' video, James does bring up the fact that, one year later, people are only just realising that he is not the person that Tati's 'Bye Sister' video made him out to be.

"My drama happened last year and it's still happening to this day. But now, a year later, it's finally coming out that like, 'Oh, James was innocent the entire time.'"

He then jokes: "And I'm like, 'Excuse me, I made a video proving all of this a year ago but now a year later y'all wanna say 'Oh, James isn't actually that bad, we love him!' Like, glad it's happening, love everybody too but damn, it's really weird to think about but unfortunately those type of things to do take time."

The topic then moves on to apology videos, where James calls back to the initial video he posted in response to Tati's 'Bye Sister' video. In short, James explains that he didn't really know what to apologise for at first.

"I got clowned for my first apology video last year because I uploaded it after everything started happening, and I was in Australia, crying at 3 in the morning. But I posted that video because I didn't know what else to do.

"Of course, after I posted my second video everyone was like, 'This is why the apology video was shit because he had nothing to apologise for in the first place.'"

(You can watch the discussion around the 40m mark in the video below.)


Toward the end of the conversation, James says that he's moved on from the drama completely and is now in a much better place mentally.

"Although it really sucked, I did learn so much from everything that happened and everything that has happened – not just that particular scandal – but like everything that I've been through, I do feel like it's made me a way smarter and stronger person."