James Charles denies singing the N-word after 'James Charles Is Over Party' starts trending

2 January 2020, 12:01

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

People declared that James is now "cancelled" after #JamesCharlesIsOverParty started trending on Twitter.

James Charles has denied using the N-word in an Instagram Stories video. The YouTuber appeared to be at a nightclub for New Year's Eve celebrations with friends, when he recorded himself singing along to 'My Type' by rapper Saweetie.

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The N-word appears several times in the song and people thought they could see James singing to the lyrics: "Rich nigga, eight-figure, that's my type / That's my type, nigga that's my type."

James Charles video
James Charles video. Picture: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic, @jamescharles via Instagram

Soon, #JamesCharlesIsOverParty started trending on Twitter and fans declared he was cancelled...again.

James has denied using the racist slur, though, insisting that he actually skipped over it. A fan tweeted James, and said: "my guy did u say the n word on ur insta story [sic]."

James then replied: "no? turn up the volume & listen, I skip over it. how stupid would I have to be to confidently record a video of me singing the n word and still have it up the next morning [sic]."

This wouldn't be the first time the internet has "cancelled" James. He received backlash in 2017 after making an offensive joke about Ebola on Twitter. And in 2019, he landed himself in a feud with Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star, where he was accused of predatory behaviour towards straight men.

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